Total Events Major Wins Non-Major Wins
88 12 35
  • Dave
  • Lewis
  • Spike, The Specialist,
  • United States
  • New York, NY
  • West Hills, CA, US
  • DVD Quality Control
  • Started competing seriously in 1992 (after 10 year break)
  • Player Bio

    Dave Lewis, along with his frequent partner Arthur Coddington, have won more World Titles in the past few years than any other team.

    Dave “The Specialist” has made a slow and steady climb to the top rankings. His attention to detail and hard work have paid dividends over the long haul.
    Dave began his playing career in the early 80’s. He stopped playing while attending college then rejuvenated his playing career in the early 90’s. When he returned he did so with an uncommon passion and a work ethic second to none.

    He is the consummate professional with no weaknesses to his game. He can do an incredible variety of moves both clock and counter. He is at his best with a gentle breeze where he can showcase his many skills. His game is a well rounded balance of complicated delay maneuvers, long tipping combos, clever kicks and a wide variety of catches. He’s as good as anyone at spinning catches.

    Look for Dave to stay atop the leader board for a long time. He and his steady partner Arthur Coddington are one of the greatest pairs teams of all time.

  • Career Highlights

    2011 FPA World Champion in Co-op w/Randy Silvey & Jake Gauthier. 16 Majors including 10 FPA World titles. FPA Worlds Pairs: ’96, ’01, ’03, ’04 FPA Worlds Coop- ’97,’98, ’99, 2000, 2001, 2011. WFDF/World Disc: ’99, ’03, ’05, ’08, ’09

  • How I Started

    Discovered disc freestyle in high school. There were players on campus who jammed everyday at lunch.

  • Featured Video

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Jellyroll (a leg over backroll). Double spinning flamingosis hold. Whatever move I’m working on.

  • Mentors

    Joey Hudoklin, Skippy Jammer, Deaton Mitchell, Steve Hayes.

  • Partners

    Jake Gauthier, Randy Silvey, Dave Murphy, Arthur Coddington, Pat Marron, Pipo Lopez,Tom Leitner, Dave Schiller, Gina Sample, Jan Eckman, Dave Zeff

  • Media & Appearances

    Media Exposure: ESPN Sports Center, Nike Freestyle TV Commercial (Europe 2003), The Best Damn Sports Show Period (2003), Eurosport, Fox’s You Gotta See This, ESPN Amazing Games, Volkswagen Polo Commercial 2009.

  • Sponsors

    My day job.

  • Other Fun

    Along with Z Weyand, just finished the instructional DVD Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2. Spending time with my wife, Ami, and two children Sophia and Emma. Writing songs in whatever spare time I have.

Tournament History

2006 Masters and Juniors Overall ChampionshipsOpen FormatFinals1
2002 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals1
2002 California Freestyle Open – California Dried Plum FestivalOpen PairsFinals1
2002 SummerfestOpen PairsFinals1
2002 Wintertime OpenOpen PairsFinals1
2001 AZ StatesOpen FormatFinals1
2000 AZ StatesOpen FormatFinals1
2000 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals1
2000 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals1
1999 AZ States – ScottsdaleCo-opFinals1
1999 Ventura Beach TournamentOpen PairsFinals1
1999 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals1
1998 AZ States – ScottsdaleOpen PairsFinals1
1998 Wham-O Invasion ChampionshipOpen PairsFinals1
1998 Virginia StatesOpen FormatFinals1
1998 Beach Championships – San DiegoCo-opFinals1
1998 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals1
1996 Tampico OpenOpen FormatFinals1
1996 Yakima Flight FestivalOpen PairsFinals1
1996 So. California State Overall ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals1
1996 Son of the L.A. MonthlyOtherFinals1
1996 Return of the L.A. MonthlyOtherFinals1
1995 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals1
1995 La Mirada Fall One-Day OverallOpen FormatFinals1
1995 California StatesOpen FormatFinals1
1995 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals1
1994 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals1
1994 Santa Monica CupOpen PairsFinals1
1994 FPA Midwest OpenCo-opFinals1
1994 Northwest ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals1
1994 World Beach InvitationalCo-opFinals1
1994 Los Angeles Monthly #2Open PairsFinals1
1993 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals1
1993 Beach Bowl 13Open PairsFinals1
1992 Ventura Fall ClassicCo-opFinals1
2010 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals2
2007 Arizona StatesOpen FormatFinals2
2007 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2007 The JammersOpen FormatFinals3
2006 Arizona StatesOpen FormatFinals2
2006 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals5
2006 The JammersOpen PairsFinals4
2005 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2004 29th Annual Arizona States Freestyle and Overall TournamentOpen FormatFinals2
2004 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsCo-opFinals2
2004 World Beach InvitationalMixed PairsFinals2
2004 Seaside Super HeinOtherFinals3
2003 FPA World Freestyle ChampionshipsCo-opFinals2
2003 Jammers ChampionshipOpen PairsFinals2
2003 San Diego Beach Freestyle Frisbee Tournament at Mission BeachMixed PairsFinals3
2002 California Freestyle Open – California Dried Plum FestivalMixed PairsFinals2
2002 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2002 Santa Cruz Beach Classic VI @ Manresa BeachCo-opFinals3
2001 WFDF ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals2
2001 Acrobatic PaganelloOpen FormatFinals4
2000 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals5
2000 Summerfest Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals2
1999 Ventura Beach TournamentCo-opFinals2
1999 FPA Worlds – Santa CruzOpen PairsFinals7
1998 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals3
1998 Midwest Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals2
1998 Santa Cruz Beach ClassicCo-opFinals2
1998 Beach Championships – San DiegoMixed PairsFinals2
1998 Santa Monica MonthlyOpen PairsFinals2
1997 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals3
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals5
1996 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals2
1996 Tampico OpenOtherFinals2
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals2
1996 US Open Flying Disc ChampionshipsCo-opFinals2
1996 Yakima Flight FestivalMixed PairsFinals3
1996 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals2
1996 Return of the L.A. MonthlyIndividual OpenFinals2
1995 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals4
1995 FPA World ChampionshipsMixed PairsFinals7
1995 FPA Northwest ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals3
1994 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals4
1994 Beach Bowl 14Co-opFinals2
1994 US Open Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen FormatFinals2
1994 Northwest ChampionshipsMixed PairsFinals3
1994 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals4
1994 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals2
1993 Texas State ChampionshipsOpen FormatFinals2
1993 Amazing Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals8
1993 FPA WorldsOpen PairsFinals10
1993 Beach Bowl 13Co-opFinals2
1993 WFDFCo-opFinals4
1993 California OpenOpen PairsFinals5
1993 California State Overall ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2010 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opPreliminaries1
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opPreliminaries1
2007 Arizona StatesOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2007 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries2
2007 The JammersOpen FormatSemi-Finals1
2006 Arizona StatesOpen FormatPrelim Playoff1
2006 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2006 The JammersOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2005 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2005 WFDF World Overall ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2004 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2002 California Freestyle Open – California Dried Plum FestivalOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2002 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2001 AZ StatesOpen FormatSemi-Finals1
2001 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2001 WFDF ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2001 Acrobatic PaganelloOpen FormatPreliminaries1
2000 AZ StatesOpen FormatSemi-Finals1
2000 Jammers ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2000 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2000 Summerfest Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
1999 FPA Worlds – Santa CruzOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1999 WFDF ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1998 US Open – DallasOpen FormatPreliminaries1
1998 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1998 Virginia StatesOpen FormatPreliminaries1
1997 Arizona StatesOpen PairsPreliminaries2
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries2
1996 US Open Flying Disc ChampionshipsCo-opSemi-Finals1
1995 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1994 Arizona StatesOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1994 Santa Monica CupOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1994 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
1992 Ventura Fall ClassicOpen PairsSemi-Finals7
1992 Freestyle Players Association Worlds ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals6