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How to Deal with Necrophilia in a World where the Lid is Never Dead

From 1978 PAW Magazine- (Padiddlers Association of the World)

By Bill King, Vancouver, BC Canada

Concern for maximum revolutions per second is such that many players have overlooked the possibilities involved with fine control of the disc with little or no spin. Dealing with the near dead disc leaves little room for error since stability is lost as Z's (spin) decrease. As the Z's decrease to some 1ow arbitrary level the player enters the world of Necrophilia, and a new area to explore is created.

What can you do with minimal Z's, you ask? Well, a good starting point is the Necropush. Simply a modified brush, the Necropush is accomplished by pushing the disc into the wind at a very slight angle from horizontal, and at the same tine putting very low level spin on the disc. So compared to a standard brush where a slapping motion occurs, the Necropush employs controlled contact with the disc for a longer period and an attempt to put as little spin as possible on the disc.

The Necropush is an ideal way to reduce the angle of a steep brush; first of all, control the brush in front of you and put on as many Z's as possible, then contact the disc with your index finger on the underside lower right corner with right hand if right spin (backhand spin), then this contact will level the disc. Now the easy way out at this point is to go into a Necropush by creating a large contact with the rim on your palm and slowing Z's to zero. At this point the disc is dead and the time to initiate the Necropush is when the disc is at the precise angle you desire. A quick Necropush levels the disc efficiently and Z's can be added on at the next brush if you want.

Another example of Frisbee necrophilia is the "Necrodot". The Necrodot is the ability of the player to put spin on a dead or near dead disc that is wobbling in the air. For example, during an attempted catch, the disc may be hit inadvertently so that it ends up fluttering hopelessly in front of the player, void of stability due to the lack of Z's.

Now comes time for the Necrodot. Simply focus on the disc and key on the moment when its angulation is favorable to add spin with a sharp slapping motion with either hand or foot. It has been my experience that the foot is the method of choice in most circumstances since the disc is usually close to the ground when the Necrodot arrives. The Necrodot is an invaluable technique in freestyle, helping to keep the flow happening.

And flow is what its all about as can be seen on this issues cover, as the Koastal Khats contemplate an intense necro-push.

If you have trouble learning the Necropush and the art of the Necrodot, just boot your disc or slam it into the sidewalk.

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