The Jammys – Stories of 2016

  Year 2016 is over and The Jammys are back, this time in a different format. No more categories, no more nominations, no judges, no rules…just whatever you wanted to say…and here are the Jammy stories which the jammers wanted to with us:   James Wiseman I hope to write a few short notes for […]

The 2015 Jammy Awards are open for nominations!

The all new and improved Jammys are open for nominations!!  The Jammys have been streamlined with less selection categories and a new wide open area to tell other stories that you feel help capture the vibe of the year.   Thanks to Flo there are 2 ways to enter your responses.  A wordpress blog website […]

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Thanks to Chris Bellaj, Paganello 2017 – Paga LOVE edition will be streamed. It’s this weekend (April 15 – 16). Exact times TBD, but will be updated on heinsville.   Read more details:   Manuel Cesari, the TD is using an innovative new competition format that he and his Twister Hills crew invented. The article has […]


Episode 4 In episode 4 Jake and Randy wrap up their conversation with Ryan Young. Here is what they discuss: What was special about the electronic judging and the live stream at Frizbeer 2016. Discover what it takes to make Ryan’s smile bigger than usual. See Ryan crush his favorite catch, a switch leap gitis […]


Electronic judging system to be used at FPAW Udine Thanks to Ryan Young we will be utilizing tablet based judging at FPAW in Udine. We will still be applying the FPA judging system so nothing new there, just inputting by tablet rather than by hand.   Most of us have used the system before and […]