Dear Freestyle Frisbee Community!


The Milan Jammers are honored to invite you all at the “Coppa Città di Milano”, an historical Frisbee tournament which has now reached its 24th edition!  This year this event deserves a particular importance as it will be the first official Tournament organized after having renewed our Frisbee Temple in Milan.


The Frisbee Temple is the headquarter of the AIF (Italian Frisbee Association), founded in 1977 by Valentino de Chiara, one of the key person in spreading Frisbee sports from US to Europe back in the ‘70s. AIF has become over the years an important reference and meeting point not only for players of Frisbee Freestyle and other “ecological” sports of the Milan area, but also a key attraction for the enthusiasts of these sports coming from other Italian and European cities who had the opportunity to visit the frisbee temple during the various events or tournaments hosted in this center.


The AIF facility, overlooking the Teramo Park, a green lung in the middle of the southwestern suburbs of Milan with plenty of space for practicing various Frisbee sports, is also made up of a small gym for indoor requirements, a courtyard, kitchen and bar serving an outdoor meeting area with large tables surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful green environment.


Furthermore, over the last month we have dedicated  part of the AIF interior  to set-up a “Frisbee Museum”, realized by carefully selecting images, prints, newspaper articles, vintage Frisbee and other flying objects among those meticulously collected by Valentino di Chiara in more than 30 years of passion.


On Friday evening 29th we will officially inaugurate the Museum, and this is an additional reason not to miss this tournament!!


Visit the event page for the useful information about the Tournament: