All, please read carefuly the following information regarding FPAW competition.



We already know about some players who are going to come and compete, but haven’t officially registered. These are:

  • Daniel O’Neill, Manuel Cesari, Fabio Nizzo, Fabiana Cicirello, Gordon Brown, Philipp Krüger

Please, register ASAP here:


Deadline is Wednesday 2nd, 12:00 CET. After this deadline you won’t be able to enter the competition anymore.


Become FPA Member

Please remember that in order to participate in the tournament you have to be a current member of the FPA.

From this year on, the cost of the membership is only 20 USD and for the juniors (18 and under) plus the first-time members it is for free!


Get your FPA membership here:


Players, who are registered for the FPAW but are not FPA members yet:

  • Steve Scannell, Benjamin Edelmann, Anna Merlo, Joakim Arveskar, Vendela Arveskar, Dario Giusti, Andrea Izzo, Andrea Marciano, Daniele Bertolini, Pablo Mosquera, Andrea Pecchiari, Benedicte Audet


Form your teams!

There are many players, especially in COOP division who are still looking for their teams. Don’t hesitate and find your partners now! Rembemer, you won’t be able to enter the division if you don’t provide your team by Wednesday 2nd, 12:00 CET.


Info about newly formed teams send to:


Here is the current need partner list:


Open pairs: Open COOP: Mixed pairs: Women pairs:
John Titcomb Bianca Strunz Many guys but no women 🙂
Jakub Mystiq Matula John Titcomb
Francesco Santolin Lisa Hunrichs
Andrea Pecchiari Matt Gauthier
Doug Korns
Lori Daniels
Alesandro Berra
Joakim Arveskar
Rick LeBeau
Andrea Izzo
Jakub Mystiq Matula
Andrea Marciano
Francesco Santolin
Matteo Gaddoni


Send Music by Email or upload it to Google Drive


To speed-up the music collection process and help the organization, please send your music as mp3 to following email address:


or upload it here (Google Drive):


Please use following filename convention:





If you want to use one song for every round you can send it once without the round name:




On-Site Music delivery

Everybody else who don’t use this service have to provide the music on-site:

  • At the Players-Package Pickup on Wednesday evening, or
  • on Thursday morning after the Judging Education.


We will collect the Music for all rounds of the whole tournament!

We only accept music as files provided on USB storage (i.e. USB Stick, Phone/Player with USB cable).


If you want to use your mp3 player or phone using AUX cable, you have to plug this in, and you have to start the music by yourself before your run. !!! If you do this, you are not able to restart your routine due to a music malfunction (see competition manual  706.03 D.)


Current list of teams

And finally, here you can see the current list of teams. I think we are about to witness some epic routines 🙂


If you don’t see your team on this list, please inform Jakub Koštel by email ( or via Facebook.


Open Pairs Teams Coop Teams Mixed Teams Women’s Teams
Larry Imperiale / Stefan Dunkel 1 Alex Leist / Florian Hess / Christian Lamred 1 Bianca Strunz /Jakub Koštel 1 Lisa Hunrichs / Bianca Strunz
Sascha Höhne / Dan Lustiger 2 Sascha Höhne / Emmanuele Faustini / Fabio Sanna 2 Lisa Hunrichs / Matt Gauthier 2 Ilka Simon / Sophie Rickers
Alex Leist / Randy Silvey 3 Mehrdad Hosseinian / Paul Kenny / Marco Prati 3 Lori Daniels / James Wiseman 3 Lori Daniels / Anna Merlo
Ryan Young / James Wiseman 4 Benjamin Edelmann /  Edoardo Turri / Filippo Bortot 4 Ilka Simon / Paul Kenny 4 Juliana Korver / Char Powell
Matt Gauthier / Fabio Sanna 5 James Wiseman / Ryan Young / Randy Silvey 5 Giulia Aretano / Andra Rimatori 5 Silvina Porsch / Benedicte Audet
Paul Kenny / Mehrdad Hosseinian 6 Robert Dittrich / Antonio Cusmà / Andrea Meola 6 Benedicte Audet / Benjamin Edelmann
Steve Scannell / Doug Korns 7 Freddy Finner / Manuel Cesari / Fabio Nizzo 7 Juliana Korver / Daniel O’Neill
Florian Hess / Christian Lamred 8 Yuval Reikoren / Dan Lustiger / Jakub Koštel 8 Vendela Arveskar / Joakim Arveskar
Freddy Finner / Jakub Koštel 9 Andrea Rimatori /Thomas Nötzel/Dario Giusti 9 Anna Merlo / Pablo Mosquera
Thomas Nötzel / Benjamin Edelmann 10 Tom Leitner / Jason Salkey / Daniel O’Neill 10 Char Powell / Sascha Höehne
Andrea Rimatori / Fabio Nizzo 11 Andrea Piemontese / Mattia Lambertini / Gianluca Giglio 11 Fabiana Cicireillo / Freddy Finner
Marco Prati / Antonio Cusmà 12 Pablo Mosquera / Andrea Festi / Mattia Colombari  12 Sophie Rickers / Jason Salkey
Juliana Korver / Rick LeBeau  13 Dylan Rocha Pires / Stefan Dünkel / Andrea Pecchiari
Joakim Arveskar / Emmanuele Faustini
Andrea Meola / Matteo Feller
Pablo Mosquera / Jan Sorensen
Mattia Lambertini / Andrea Piedmontese
Matteo Gaddoni / Jan Ekman
Federico Bianchini / Daniele Bertolini
Andrea Izzo / Dario Giusti
Alessandro Berra / Andrea Marciano
Char Powell / Yuval Reikoren
Robert Dittrich / Dylan Rocha Pires
Edoardo Turri / Filippo Bortot
Andrea Festi / Mattia Colombari
Jason Salkey / Gordon Brown
Tom Leitner / Daniel O’Neill


Looking forward to see you all in Udine!


Your head judge,


Jakub Kostel