WELCOME to the 3rd Annual FPA Holiday Hall of Fame Auction!!


Auction is now currently LIVE!! and will run through (Sunday) December 16th, 2018.


This is a fund-raising effort for the Freestyle Players Association (FPA): all funds from this auction will help support freestyle athletes participating in the World Urban Games (Sept 2019, Los Angeles)!



Items up for bid:

22 photo-real minis with images of each of the Inaugural Freestyle Hall of Fame Inductees (one of only 10 full-sets in existence; 2 of which were auctioned off in previous FPA auctions) and these minis will be sold individually (you can bid on one, or more than one, of the 22 minis)

• Each mini features one Inductee during the time when they were influencing the sport of Freestyle

• 12 of the minis are signed by the inaugural Freestyle Hall of Fame Inductees at FPA Worlds in 2016 (New York City)

Certificate of authenticity by the FPA will be included for each Freestyle Hall of Fame mini-disc




• Auctioned as separate items: One (1) WHITE and one (1) YELLOW/GREEN signed Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame Skystyler

• Each of the Skystylers are from a limited number of signed discs in existence (signed by 12 of the 22 inductees who gathered for the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame inaugural class induction ceremony at the FPA World Championships in New York in 2016)

• Beautiful hot stamp design by talented graphic designer and Czech jammer: Mystiq

• Certificate of authenticity by the FPA for each Discraft Freestyle Hall of Fame signed Skystyler


Shipping costs are NOT included and will be paid for by the winning bidder.


Big Thank You to DISCRAFT and The Wright Life for their support of the Freestyle Disc Hall Of Fame and our fund-raising efforts!


Check out the items within the two pages of our friend Charles’s Ebay site (Auction tab and scroll through to find the Freestyle Hall of Fame items among the two pages of flying disc collector items).