Dear Competitors, Spectators, Press, Sponsors, Helpers, Associations and all Jammers!


Here are all final results from the 2015 FPA World Championships!
Our final report is still in progress, and we are collecting all media responses and the huge amount of professional Photos and Press releases, so that we can publish that on a central web page.


Our tournament is over now and we are looking for your feedback! Please feel free and write some words about our event as comment on our website (in any language):


Critics, things that you like or that can be improved or just your feelings! It will be helpful for us and we will use this as reference in the future! Thank you very much!


Flo and the FPAW 2015 Organization Team


Women Pairs
1. Lisa Hunrichs, Emma Kahle (USA, 77.6)
2. Ilka Simon, Bianca Strunz (GER, 62.5)
3. Lori Daniels, Amy Schiller (USA, 56.8)
4. Nadine Klos, Lina Dittrich (GER, 53.2)
5. Anna Merlo (ITA), Lindsay Sweeten (USA, 33.3)


Open Pairs
1. Mehrdad Hosseinian (GER), Paul Kenny (USA, 82.2)
2. Florian Hess, Alex Leist (GER, 79.1, won two categories)
3. Claudio Cigna, Marco Prati (ITA, 79.1, won one category)
4. Balsz Major (HUN), Manuel Cesari (ITA, 77,1)
5. Randy Silvey (USA), Fabio Sanna (ITA, 73.2)
6. Pavel Baranyk, Jakub Kostel (CZ, 71.6)
7. James Wiseman (USA), Emanuele Faustini (ITA, 68.6)
8. Sascha Scherzinger, Freddy Finner (GER, 60.1)


Mixed Pairs
1. Lisa Hunrichs, Matt Gauthier (USA, 74.4)
2. Amy Schiller, Dave Schiller (USA, 72.6)
3. Bianca Strunz, Sascha Höhne (GER, 70.0)
4. Irena Kulisanoba, Pavel Baranyk (CZ, 66.1)
5. Emma Kahle, Randy Silvey (USA, 63.0)
6. Lori Daniels, Ryan Young (USA, 62.1)


Open Coop
1. Paul Kenny (USA), Balasz Major (HUN), Marco Prati (ITA, 75.8)
2. Freddy Finner, Sascha Höhne, Jan Schreck (GER, 75.5)
3. Christian Lamred, Alex Leist, Florian Hess (GER, 74.1)
4. Matt Gauthier, Dave Schiller (USA), Matteo Gaddoni (ITA, 72.5)
5. Pavel Baranyk (CZ), Claudio Cigna (ITA), Tom Leitner (USA, 68.1)
6. Reto Zimmermann (CH), Claudio Collera (ITA), Jan Arveskar (SWE, 60.3)

Florian Hess
FPAW2015 Tournament Director