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Israel’s Freestyle Frisbee Kova #6 (HAT) Tournament

The Israjammers’ 6th Kova (HAT) tournament: Fall edition at the park.   Official website (Hebrew): Facebook event page (Hebrew):   For any questions, contact tournament director Ayal Benin at

Lazzaroni 2018

Traditional pre-Christmass indoor tournament in Bologna, hosted by the Twister Hills crew.   The flight ticket are usually very cheap at this time and the turnout of Italian players is always big!   Don’t miss the last tournament of 2018!   For fresh updates visit event’s facebook page >>

In den Hallen 2019

In den Hallen – “In the Halls” is a traditional winter indoor tournament in Karlsruhe. You can expect our well-proven organization, a big crowd, hot parties, crazy games, media coverage and motivating workshops -> The best combination of #SpreadTheJam and #MostFunWins!   We’ll only play the Open Pairs Division so that we have a lot of time for […]

Upcoming Events

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