Hey jammers,


Im happy to say that the player profiles on the FPA website are finally working (mostly) and I encourage everybody to create their own. You can upload your profile and banner pictures and share various information about yourself with the freestyle world. Also you can share a video. There is a button for uploading more photos but this is not working yet.

Also some of you will see some of the older results from the tournaments you participated in. The results database is not updated yet and we are just figuring out how to import the results in bulk. Don’t hold your breaths, it could take some time. But Im happy that Michal Maciolek is now on the website team and ready to push things forward.


To create your profile start with clicking the JOIN button (or this link: http://www.freestyledisc.org/create-account/) and then follow the instructions. If you ever had your profile on the old website or your name was entered as a part of some historical results, you will find your name in the drop down list. Select it to connect to your old profile/results.


If your name is not in the drop down and you think it should be there, first check if you can find your existing profile on the website. Use the search field in the top right corner to look for your name. If you find out that your full profile (“full” means that it has some bio and other text info filled in), you just need to log into it. If you don’t remember your login information, first try to reset your password (and check your spam folder for the reset e-mail). If you don’t even remember your login e-mail or you want to change it, contact me and I will help you.



If there is only what we call the “scrap” profile (only the results – looks like this or the picture below), you should find your name in the drop-down list when creating the profile and be able to connect the new profile you are creating to those historical results.



I expect some of you will encounter some difficulties throughout the process (like forgotten login information) so if you experience some, just contact me on Facebook or at kostel.jakub@gmail.com and I will try to help you.


After you create your profile, don’t forget to share it with the jamily, for example in the Freestyle frisbee players group on Facebook.


Looking forward to see your profiles,