FPAW Registration!

DEADLINE – Reminder for the Online Registration and Payment for FPAW 2015 is on Monday, 1 June! (Penalty 15€ if you do not register before the deadline!) As many of you will go to EFC please do this now, before it is to late. It is important for us to have the registration information from […]

The Roles and Responsibilities of the FPA Competition Director

By Freddy Finner,  FPA Competition Director The FPA Competition Director is responsible for all competition relevant issues. In my role, I direct the FPA Major Events such as FPAW and the continental championships and work together with the Tournament Directors to make sure events are run smoothly and successfully. At the tournaments the Competition Director […]

Treasurer’s Duties – FPA Treasurer, Bethany Sanchez

Posted by Bethany Sanchez, FPA Treasurer As the treasurer of your organization, my main responsibility is to take good care of the FPA’s funds.  At each of our FPA board meetings, I provide a written report showing the income that has been received, the expenses we have paid, and the balances left in each account. […]

Membership Director Update from Jens Velasquez

Posted by Jens Velasquez, FPA Membership Director
My role and responsibilities as Membership Director involves all aspects of maintaining the database with member info for 2015.

One initiative I will be working on this year is to increase FPA membership by running Speed Flow workshops and contests at Frisbee events throughout the year beginning with the 39th Virginia State Championships in April.  As a former Ultimate Player and Coach I also plan to introduce and conduct Speed Flow workshops and contests at Ultimate events as well. 

My belief is that anyone who learns how to throw and catch a Frisbee with a level of confidence will continue do so the rest of their lives.  Speed Flow is an easy game of throw and catch that anyone can learn and can also prove to be a natural gateway to Freestyle.

I look forward to meeting players at events this year and reporting on this blog.

Jens Velasquez
FPA Membership Director

FPA Open Rankings Update – May 2015

FPA Open Rankings – May 2015 Rank Last Time Name Country Gender Best 8 Results # of Events 1 1 Kenny, Paul USA m 1667.25 14 2 3 Gauthier, Jake USA m 1619.75 18 3 2 Coddington, Arthur USA m 1545.75 9 4 4 Gauthier, Matt USA m 1481.75 18 5 5 Wiseman, James USA m 1448.5 20 6 […]

FPA Women’s Rankings Update – May 2015

FPA Women’s Rankings – May 2015 Rank Last Time Name Country Best 8 Results # of Events 1 1 Hunrichs, Lisa USA 1260 17 2 2 Daniels, Lori USA 982 15 3 4 Simon, Ilka GER 925 24 4 5 Strunz, Bianca GER 888.5 19 5 6 Kahle, Emma USA 870 12 6 3 Imazio, Eleonora ITA 867.475 […]

2015 Disc Design

The new freestyle disc for 2015 is available! Many thanks to this year’s disc design contest winner, the talented Dave Bolyard. Renew your membership now and receive your new disc!

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