Spring is here, the weather is great and the freestyle frisbee season is in a full bloom with a jamtastic weekend full of worldwide frisbee action ahead of us! Let’s see what is coming up:


The Jammers – 20th anniversary

The Jammers is a beach tournament in Jacksonville Beach, Florida organized by the FPA’s current executive director, Paul Kenny, and his wife Cheryl. With the jubilee 20th annual edition, The Jammers is the longest running Freestyle frisbee event which takes place in the same location every year. Read more about the upcoming tournament in the interview with Paul Kenny.


The Jammers will be attended by some of the US and world’s best freestylers and thanks to Frisbeeguru Jake, the event will be live-streamed so you can at least watch the hot beach action (and envy) from the distance.



123-4 HAT Tournament – edition Spring

The same weekend but on the other side of the big pond, another big freestyle gathering will happen. As well on the beach, but this time on the concrete beach of the old Tempelhof airfield in Berlin where the Spring edition of the infamous 123-4 Seasons HAT tournament will take place. With the players from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic there is a promise of big (sp)international jam action!



World Gitis Day

Even if you don’t have the chance to attend neither of these events, you can still become a part of the international jam action next weekend.

Wherever you are just come out and play because Sunday 28th is the World Gitis Day!

Yes, on the top of all that, freestyle frisbee players will celebrate their special day of the year – the World Gitis Day. For those who are wondering what Gitis is, it is a restricted trick-catch of the disc (see the picture).


The goal of this day is to celebrate your love and passion for freestyle frisbee by jamming and performing this catch. And ideally catching yourself doing this trick on the picture or video and sharing it with the rest of the community.


The best place to share is probably the Freestyle Frisbee group on facebook but wherever you post, don’t forget to add the hashtag #worldgitisday. In the end we’ll gather the best Gitis pictures and videos and will post them here, same as we did the last year – see the gallery below. Can’t wait to see your gitis!


Enjoy Spring, enjoy jamming and don’t forget to gitis out 😉



GALLERY: World Gitis Day 2016