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What is Disc Freestyle?
It doesn't matter whether you call it Disc Freestyle, Freestyle Frisbee, or Flying Disc Freestyle - Freestyle is the most entertaining of all disc sports (e.g. Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee are 2 others).

Starting with simple moves like a behind-the-back catch, freestyle has evolved into a crowd-pleasing event with moves such as air brushes, nail delays, and triple-spinning catches. Two and three person routines are 3-5 minutes in length and are evaluated by judges who base their scores on the difficulty (10), artistic impression (10) and execution (10) of the routine. The team with the highest score wins (30 is a perfect score).

Freestyle is also about what happens in a city park between novices. Catching a disc under the leg, or tipping a high throw and then catching it. This is freestyle too. Often you'll find competitive players freestyling just for fun. Improvising with each other, often in large groups - and no judges. This is called jamming, and to most players, itís the most important part of the sport. More

The Freestyle Players Association
The FPA is a Vounteer-Run, Non-Profit Organization designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Freestyle Players Association (FPA), established in 1978, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of freestyle disc play as a lifetime recreation and a competitive sport. In the recreation realm, the FPA provides an Education and Outreach program which facilitates and encourages players to play the sport.

In the competitive realm, its objectives center around channeling the invaluable ideas of players into the formation of competition formats that a majority of interested players find acceptable. More

There are several FPA Tour events every year, and numerous small regional freestyle tournaments in various cities throughout the world every year. Recent events have been held in almost every state and internationally in countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Israel. The showcase event every year is the FPA World Freestyle Frisbee Championships. In 2002 the tournament was held in Boston, MA, and in September 5-7, 2003 the 25th Annual FPA World Disc Freestyle Championships will be held in Rimini, Italy. Upcoming events

Governing Bodies
The FPA is a member of the World Flying Disc Federation. (WFDF). WFDF, The World Flying Disc Federation is made of National Organization and Federations that govern their respective disc sports. WFDF has member associations in 46 countries . WFDF is a full member of both GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association).

For more information about the recreational and competitive aspects of Disc Freestyle, please Email us at info at freestyledisc dot org.

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